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A place to enthuse about, abuse directly and refuse outright the sounds of popular and unpopular culture. From yesterday's legends to today's contenders to tomorrow's great black hopes. Stick around, this is not another music site, this is Alternative Cuts.

Recommended reading:
Faust Faust (no, not that one, he died in the 16th century) a German band who created music of the future. Relive that future by listening to a record made 30 years ago!

Recent Additions:
The A+E Line The A+E Line - Train Wrecks. My name is Bruce Willis, I am Unbreakable! Stop It You Are Killing Me Stop. It. You. Are. Killing. Me. end message.
Les Goolies Les Goolies - Stitches. Strontium Man or Dog!? The Steals The Steals - Floodlights.
"We don't condone stealing" 
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